Breast Cancer Awareness Cooling Towel
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Breast Cancer Awareness Cooling Towel

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Stay cool while showing your awareness and support for breast cancer. Yes, they really work great! You will love it. Research has proven that these amazing cooling towels will drop your body temperature about 20 degrees for about 4 hours depending on the temperature, sun, etc.
All you have to do is wet with hot or cold water. Yes, you can use hot water! I know it sounds bizarre, but I promise you, it really works. So, again, just wet with hot or cold water, wring out excess water, and you are ready to cool down. When the towel dries out after several hours of use, just rewet, and you're ready to go again. There is no snapping, refrigerating or freezing needed. These are not disposable towels. These cooling towels are machine washable and are reinforced for many years of use. 
I have personally owned mine for about 5 years now. I use them for everything... playing or watching my favorite sporting event, working in the yard, sitting at the beach, the pool, fishing, boating, working out at the gym, going for a run, hiking, playing tennis, etc. You can use these anywhere, anytime.  They're great for those hot flashes too.
These towels also absorb water and sweat 5x faster than cotton towels, so it is great for wiping sweat AND cooling off. Use it anytime you need to stay cool! These cooling towels can also be used as physical sun protection. They offer superior UPF50 sun and UV protection. This works well if it's super hot, and you need some shade. We like to drape one on our head and feel the cool breeze on our neck and face. Aw, so refreshing!
To store the towel, just roll up and place in the original container.  


This cooling towel is 27" x 17".